The earliest definite Dann on our tree is William Dann, born around 1762. He married Mary Hunt in Benenden in 1787. It is very possible, although not proven at this stage, that William was from Speldhurst, Kent in which case I can trace the family back another couple of generations to Edmund Dann, born late 17th century. However, we will stick with the definites and go back to William in Benenden! He and Mary had five sons but Mary died in childbirth in April 1799 and her funeral and her son's christening took place on the same day. The middle son, Samuel, became a miller. He married Mary (probably Roffe), and they had three children that we know of - James born 1818, Eliza and John. The family then moved away from Benenden. James next surfaces in London where he tried his hand at various careers - a gentleman's servant, a gardener, and a ship's steward, before he finally joined the metropolitan police at Peckham in 1848 and had a distinguished career being promoted to inspector in 1859.

Isabella Caroline ca 1890
He married Isabella Genns in 1839 and they had eight children, the fifth one being Isabella Caroline, my great-grandmother.
The family lived for the most part at Walworth, S.E.London.

My DNA test shows definite matches to this family.