The Foster line is proving one of the most difficult to trace backwards. We start with James Foster, a dairyman, who married Jane Butcher (at some stage from Isleworth) in 1812 in Westminster. In 1814 they were living in Hurst in Kent where they had one son Thomas in 1814. The Bexley parish register entry is written as Froster. There are no records in the parish register of the birth of any siblings to Thomas. The family then moved to Newington and James is recorded there in 1842 when Thomas married Mary Anne Payne and also in 1848 in the Kelly's Directory of London.

Bexley Church
Both James Foster and
his son Thomas
were cow keepers.

Thomas and Mary Anne had seven children, all born in Newington. They were bright and gifted and some of the boys including my great-grandfather Frederick John were employed in law firms and were also talented musicians and artists. The artistic elements come mainly from the Payne side of the family.

Frederick John, ca. 1890.

My DNA test shows definite matches to this family.