The SHARP history is a complicated one which we probably will never fathom completely. We go back to Charles Sharp (1846 to 1926) without much trouble. Then we find that Charles was using the name WILCOX on and off. Nearly all his children with Cecilia Moakes were registered under the name Wilcox although I don't think any of them ever used that name. On Charles' marriage certificate he left a blank for the father's name. A muddled trail unravelled but there where stories passed down the generations which helped to cast light on the situation. Charles' mother was Hannah Cordell. That is clear and indisputable and my DNA test has proved that I am related to descendants of Hannah's brother Joseph Chidley Cordell. Hannah married John Wilcox in 1834. She gave birth to eight children from 1834 to 1846. In the 1841 census Hannah is with her sister - was that just a short visit or was it a permanent arrangement? She didn't have any of the children with her so I am inclined to think it was just a visit. By 1851 Hannah was living with George Sharp with the three youngest children, Hannah, our Charles and Sophia. The surnames of Charles and Sophia were given as Sharp. John Wilcox was now living with a presumably commmon law wife Jane and he had three more children. So the quandary is who is our biological ancestor - George Sharp or John Wilcox? The records of both of these don't go back too far and possibly the chances of finding somebody on line who is obviously further back on one or other of the sides and who has done a DNA test may be slim. If we do get lucky then the mystery will be solved. I have a suspicion that even Hannah may not have been sure who was Charles' father and Charles certainly didn't seem to know. I don't think Hannah and George ever married although they stayed together until George's death in 1866.