Moakes Wills

William Moakes, Gentleman of Ware, Hertfordshire 31 August 1738 PROB 11/691

Robert Moakes, Nightman of Saint Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex 6 September 1757 PROB 11/832

Ann Moakes, Widow of Hythe , Kent 26 February 1784 PROB 11/1113

Mary Moakes, Gardener of Saint Mary Magdalene Bermondsey , Surrey 9 February 1797 PROB 11/1286

John Moakes of Stepney , Middlesex 13 February 1815 PROB 11/1565

Elizabeth Moakes, Spinster of Mile End Old Town , Middlesex 22 July 1833 PROB 11/1819

Mary Brenton Moakes late of 13, Church Road, Homerton. Spinster, died 24th January 1867 effects under 600 pounds to Betsey Butt (wife of John Godden Butt) of Pritchard Road, Hackney. Sister of Mary Brenton.

Mary Elizabeth Moakes. 57, South Street, Walworth, Surrey, widow died 26th March 1877 to Richard Moakes, 26, Richmond Street, Walworth, cart and barrow proprieter. Son, next of kin. 277 Pounds 6 Shillings and 11 pence.

Mary Ann Moakes late of 5, Walker Street, Limehouse, died 12th May 1878 to Mary Moakes, 135, Burdett Road, Mile End, mother of Mary Ann.

Charles Moakes of 11, Tenda Road, Bermondsey. Died 22nd December 1895. Admon to Thomas Moakes (Stoker), value 175 Pounds 10 shillings.

Mary Ellen Moakes 61, Down Park Road, Hackney. (Wife of Joseph Moakes) died 29th April 1898 Collingham Yorks. To Joseph Moakes Shipbroker (Administration) Value 120 Pounds.

The first six are presently available for online downloading at the PRO wills site.