John Richard HARSLETT
d. 29 April 1926



"Courier", Queensland, May 4th 1926

Mr. John Richard Harslett died at Toowoomba on April 29. The late Mr. Harslett took an active interest in all matters relating to the progress of the Amiens Soldier Settlement. He was chairman of the Amiens L.P.A., and held other positions of trust in connection with the various activities of the settlement. His ability proved invaluable in solving the many problems which presented themselves in the task of converting virgin forest into a thriving township. The funeral, which took place in Stanthorpe last Saturday, was attended by a large number of persons. In Brisbane the late Mr. Harslett was well known to the members of the Brisbane Draughts Club as a player of outstanding ability. At one time he was champion of the Brisbane Club, and also runner-up for the championship of Queensland. In the Great War he served in France with the 15th Battalion. One of the reasons why he settled in the Stanthorpe district was to obtain the benefit of a healthy climate in an effort to rid himself of the effects of war gas, of which he felt the effects for some time after his return to Australia. While in the A.I.F., during the demobilisation of troops shortly after the armistice, he was appointed lecturer on literature in the classes formed for the instruction of the returning "Diggers". The deceased was born in England, and was 39 years of age. He is survived by his widow and three children. Floral tributes were received from the following: Dick, Joan, and Robby, Will and Hilda, Deciduous Sectional Group Committee, Amiens Branch of the C.W.A., Stanthorpe Branch of the C.W.A., Stanthorpe Branch of the C.W.A., Amiens Marketing Association, State Store Officials.