I have divided these up into pages to reduce loading time and to enable you to go straight to that branch of the family which interests you the most.

Page 1 - The Irish Hamiltons. The five Hamilton brothers started off as farmers in Ballyfarnon, Co. Roscommon although their parents were from Killanummery in Co. Leitrim. Due to the potato famine and the subsequent hardships they found it was impossible to continue. All five emigrated to London. William became a linen draper. Henry and James Peyton joined forces to become estate agents. Robert and Alfred Parke became police inspectors. Robert subsequently emigrated to Australia and took many old photos with him which have fortunately been well looked after and are now available for us all to share.

Page 2 - Robert David Hamilton's family. Robert emigrated to Australia in 1908 with his second wife Elizabeth; his first wife Emily (née Head) had died. Tragically two of Robert's sons by his first marriage (Robbie and Bert) were killed in World War I.

Page 3 - James Peyton Hamilton and Alfred Parke Hamilton. James Peyton was a keen athlete and sailor in his spare time. Both he and his brother Alfred Parke were actively interested in council work. James Peyton married very late in life. Sadly one of his sons (Robert) was killed in World War II and the other son (James) died in his teens.

Page 4 - Foster - Sharp - Dann - Edwards - Moakes. These families all came from South East London. The link to the Hamiltons was formed when Percy Foster and his wife Sarah (née Sharp) moved to Ilford and their daughter Hilda married Donald Hamilton. Tom and Sidney Sharp emigrated to Australia in 1924.

Page 5 - Head - Curtis. The Curtis family originate in the west country and the Head family originate in Bedfordshire. Emily Head was Robert David Hamilton's first wife; her brother Herbert married Mary Cresswell who was Robert's cousin, and her sister Annie married George Cresswell (Mary's half brother).

Page 6 - The French connection. This union of families came about when James Peyton Hamilton's grandson Robert Hamilton Floyd married a French lady called Francine Annette Vendengeon.

Page 7 - Sole - Heitmann families. The colourful Sole family originated in rural Hertfordshire before emigrating to Australia in 1856. They were musically gifted and also had a circus. Will Hamilton married Hilda Gertrude Sole. Hilda's Mother was Kate Heitmann whose family were originally from Germany but emigrated to Australia in 1865.

Page 8 - The Cresswell family. This family came from Dromahair, Co. Leitrim and were originally using the name variation of Croswell. They are linked to the Hamiltons by Mary Cresswell who married James Hamilton in 1844. They are also linked to the Heads by Mary's niece (also Mary) who married Herbert Head and her nephew George Cresswell who married Annie Head. Their descendants can today be found in Ireland, England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, America, Australia and France.

Page 9 - The Black - Frampton families. The connection of the Blacks to the Hamiltons came about when James and Mary Hamilton's daughter, Anne Jane, married James Black in 1877. He was a farmer from Knocknarea, Co. Sligo. Anne Jane's son Peyton married Celia Frampton.

Page 10 - The Colquhoun family. David Colquhoun was clerk of the crown and peace for the city, co. Derry, Ireland. His granddaughter Margaret Christie married Ken Hamilton.