Emmanuelle Cecily Parke HAMILTON, 9 August 2014, to Charles and Jane (neé Harris)
Cahir Og MAGERUSAN, 25 November 2012 in Dublin, to Grainne (neé Healey) and Adrian
Elodie Jean Hedley CROWLEY, 15 September 2012 in Kingston upon Thames, to Catherine (née Hamilton) and Ben Crowley
Emilia Clara SMITH, 4 April 2012, to Elliot and Rachel (née Brasted)
Naren Noel CHOWDHURY, 17th March 2012, to Joanna (neé Sharp) and Vivek
Aishwarya Cleo SHARP, 18 June 2011, to Andrew and Geetha (née Nithiananthan)
Ada Mae PUUSAARI, 22 March 2011 in Bundaberg, Queensland, to Julienne (née Wickham) and Aaron
Patrick Oscar ROUXEL, 25 January 2011 in Dublin, to Aisling (neé Healey) and Vincent
Thomas William FOSTER, 20 August 2010, to Anthony and Emily (née Shire)
Lucas Scott BUTLER, 18 July 2010 in Canberra, to Christopher and Raelene (née Andrew)
Isabelle Eileen PARKE, 6 April 2010, to Thomas Parke and Emma Sawyer
Kobe Adinda HAMILTON, 11 March 2010, to Aaron Hamilton and Carolyn Aldhouse
Clíona Ana MAGERUSAN, 24 December 2009 in Dublin, to Grainne (neé Healey) and Adrian
Adan Nathan CRAWFORD, 19 June 2009 in Brighton, Sussex, to Michael and Sally (née Gibson)
Robert Jacob TAIT, 31 May 2009, to Felicity (née Foster) and Robert
Seán Og ROUXEL, 18 Apr 2009 in Dublin, to Aisling (neé Healey) and Vincent
Fynley Rommi HAMILTON, 21 October 2008 in Portsmouth, to Aaron Hamilton and Carolyn Aldhouse
Matilda Jane SMITH, 6 August 2008, to Elliot and Rachel (née Brasted)
Alfie James WOOLLATT, 17 June 2008, to Nicholas and Jennifer (née Lobato)
Joshua Andrew BISHOP, 19 April 2008 in New Zealand, to Maria Firrell and Neil
Faith Julia
CRAWFORD, 25 December 2007 in Brighton, Sussex, to Michael and Sally (née Gibson)
Benjamin Thomas SHARP, 6 August 2007 in Queensland, Australia, to David and Emma (née Page)

Joseph Matthew COLLINS, 22 June 2007 in Braintree, Essex, to Nicholas and Rebecca (née Matthews)
Jake Oliver THOMPSON, May 2007, to Mark and Alexandra (née Parsons)
Rebecca Mary STOREY, 14th May 2007, to Robert and Nicola (née Donovan)
Poppy Bella DENNERT, 13th April 2007 in Australia, to
to Rodney and Jacinta (née Sharp)
Samuel Michael Harry FINLEY, 11 December 2006 in Salisbury, Wilts, to Russell and Katie (née Woods)
Alexander James WIENHOLT, 28 September 2006 , to Nicholas and Linda (née Goncalves)
Jenson Ashton FIRRELL, 15th September 2006, to Brent and Helen (née Ashton)
James Robert BLACK, 31 August 2006, to Richard and Maria (née Gleeson)
Phoebe Alice LYONS, 17 July 2006, to Mark and Kerstie (née Williams)
Ashlee Louise BISHOP, 21 February 2006 in New Zealand, to Maria Firrell and Neil Bishop
George Edward PARSONS, 2 September 2005, to Quentin and Sarah (née Butcher)
Lachlan James PASKIN, 5 July 2005 in Brisbane, to Stephen and Kathie (née Souter-Robertson)
Rio Nelson DAVIES, 5 May 2005 in East Sussex, to Caroline Sarah Davies (née Hamilton)
Oscar Thomas DENNERT, 17 April 2005 in Australia, to Rodney and Jacinta (née Sharp)
Daisy Emma Serena COTTON, 8th April 2005 in Devon, to Charles and Georgina (née Neville)
Arbennik David Stephen WEBSTER, 16 March 2005, to Steven and Kate (née Rogerson)
Oscar BRECHOT, 27 April 2004 in Rambouillet, France, to Damien and Rachel (née Vendengeon)
William Archie George
BUTCHER, 28 July 2004, to Jonathan and Henrietta (née Neville)
Isaac Connor CALLAGHAN, 5 January 2004 in Australia, to Stuart and Jackquelin (née Sharp)
Katelyn Nicole FLOYD, 4th December 2003 in Brisbane, to Robert and Nicole (née Paskin)
Jessica Sara WIENHOLT, 24 September 2003 in Sydney, to Nicholas and Linda (née Goncalves)
Jessica Lara and Megan Sophie THOMPSON, 17 July 2003, to Mark and Alexandra (née Parsons)
James Anthony Frederick PARSONS, 16 July 2003, to Quentin and Sarah (née Butcher)
Joseph Darcy KERVIN, 14 May 2003 in Sydney, to Christopher and Elizabeth (née Stevens)
Louisa Caroline Anne COTTON, 11 April 2003 in Devon, to Charles and Georgina (née Neville)
Bethany Alexandra MOAKES, 7 April 2003, to Rebecca Louise Moakes
Garance and Bérangère FARMINE, 24 March 2003 in France, to François and Cécile (née Remaud)
Samuel James SHARP, 10 March 2003 in Brisbane, to Richard and Stacey (née Angel)
Jack Lyle SHARP, 3 March 2003 in Australia, to Adam and Linda (née Roberts)

Elliott BRECHOT, 4 February 2003 in France, to Damien and Rachel (née Vendengeon)
Olivia Sara CSAKY, 16 December 2002, to Leo and Justine (née Obrart)
Amy Louise HAMILTON, 4 November 2002 in Australia, to Stephen and Judith (née Knight)
Baptiste Jean Hamilton REMAUD, 7 October 2002 in Paris, to David and Estelle (née Floyd)
Eleanor Lucy FERGUSON-LEES, 21 June 2002, to Ashley Doyle and Zoe Ferguson-Lees
Elise Sophia WALTON, 6 April 2002, to Andrew and Joanne (née Collins)
Charlotte Mary PIPER, 22 February 2002, to Colin and Julie (née Moakes)
Jack Kenneth MOAKES, Dec 2001, to Steven and Christine (née Luff)
Zachary Stephen PASKIN, 20 December 2001 in Brisbane, to Stephen and Kathie (née Souter-Robertson)
Laura Rose RECKLIES, 11 December 2001 in California, USA, to John and Lisa (née Paskin)
Victoire FARMINE, 19 July 2001 in Paris, to François and Cecile (née Remaud)
Mariam Iona Rose JACKSON, June 2001 in England, to Paul and Elizabeth (née Large)
Kirsty Anne SHEPPARD, 14 May 2001 in England, to Ian and Jane (née Tempest)
Macy Ella SHARP, 13 March 2001 in Melbourne, to John and Caroline (née Connell)
Xavier Campbell CALLAGHAN, 28 February 2001 in Melbourne, to Stuart and Jackquelin (née Sharp)
Jessica Grace SHARP, 16 Jan 2001 in Brisbane, to Richard and Stacey (née Angel)
Noe Tom PALARD, 11 Jan 2001 in France, to Emanuel and Yolène Corinne (née Vendengeon)
Thomas George SHARP, 30 August 2000 in Victoria, Australia, to Adam and Linda (née Roberts)
Natalie GRIFFIN, 2000 in California,USA, to Michael Milan and Sydney Griffin
Gracie FRAZER, 2000 in California,USA, to Matthew and Ashley (née Griffin)
Stuart LUNDSTEDT, 2000 in California,USA, to Gregory and Hillary (née Griffin)
Ryan Alexander FLOYD
, 31 May 2000 in Australia, to Robert and Nicole (née Paskin)
Gabrielle Lynne RECKLIES, 7 March 2000 in Brisbane, Australia, to John and Lisa (née Paskin)
Isabelle Amie PASKIN, 7 Jan 2000 in Australia, to Stephen and Kathie (née Robertson)


Catherine Hedley HAMILTON and Ben CROWLEY, 18th June 2011, in Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex
Andrew James SHARP and Geetha NITHIANANTHAN, 28 February 2010, in Sydney
Joanna Louise SHARP and Vivek CHOWDHURY, 31 May 2009, in Sydney
Michelle Lisa DAWE and Darren COBB, 11 November 2008, in Florida
Grainne HEALY and Adrian MAGERUSAN, July 2008, in Donegal
Charles John Parke HAMILTON and Jane Andrea HARRIS, 29 March 2008
Kelly Paula COCKAYNE and Adam ROOTS, 24 September 2006, in Norwich
Nicholas Paul COLLINS and Rebecca Mary MATTHEWS, 29 July 2006
Caroline Ann COLLINS and Colm Martin FLANAGAN, 1 July 2006
David Andrew SHARP and Emma Jane PAGE, 25 March 2006, in Australia
Katie Rosemary WOODS and Russell FINLEY, 24 September 2005, in Salisbury, Wilts
Aisling HEALY and Vincent ROUXEL, 2 July 2005, in Poitiers, France
Brent Philip Arthur FIRRELL and Helen ASHTON, 14th February 2005, in Auckland, New Zealand
Julia Claire CARTER (née Hamilton) and Michael MORRIS, 25 November 2004, in New Zealand
Margaret Mavis LINTON (née Hamilton) and R. R. George B. SMEDLEY, 10 April 2004, at Lincolns Inn, London
Christopher Derek BUTLER and Raelene Luen ANDREW, 31 January 2004, in Canberra, ACT - see pictures
Joel SMITH and Ann WHITTLE, 7 September 2003
Christopher WIENHOLT and Amelia TOAL, 30 August 2003, in Sydney
Elliot SMITH and Rachel BRASTED, 9 August 2003
Marcus Lyle SHARP and Olivia HILL-DOUGLAS, in Australia - details to follow
Maxwell Glenn STEVENS and Sandy WORREN, August 2002, at Maleny, Queensland, Australia
Charles John Parke HAMILTON and Louise Jane Anne LeGAT, 11 May 2002, at Chelsea, London
Quentin Desmond PARSONS and Sarah BUTCHER, 25 May 2002, at Berkhamsted, Herts
Christopher Marc ROSS and Shanelle Deane McVICKER, 18 May 2002, at San Ramon, California
Shirley Yvonne BARLOW and Gary Gerard REYNOLDS, 27 April 2002, at Riverstown, Co. Sligo
Sally Anne DAWE (née Hamilton) and Alan ISTED, 5 January 2002, at Auckland, New Zealand
Simon Andrew BLACK and Emma I. KEELING, September 2001, in North Devon
Yolande PARKINSON (née O'Callaghan) and John SWAN, 30 September 2001, in Australia
Robert Charles Duncan STOREY and Nicola Ruth Louise DONOVAN, 21 July 2001
Sally Victoria GIBSON and Michael CRAWFORD, 14 July 2001, at Great Bookham, Surrey
Alexandra Geraldine PARSONS and Mark W. THOMPSON, 9 June 2001, at Rusthall, Kent
Georgina Anne Gartside STUDD (née Neville) and Charles COTTON, 18 May 2001, at Chelsea, London
Sean Patrick O'LEARY and Susan Helen LEWIS, 29 April 2000, in Australia


Graham Thomas SHARP, 5th August 2015, aged 73, in Queensland, Australia
Morwenna Jean (Jean) HARSLETT, 22nd May 2015, aged 89, in Queensland, Australia
Brian Alexander Malcolm HAMILTON, 6th January 2015, aged 84, in Essex
Parke Thomas Peyton HAMILTON, 26th May 2014, aged 87, in Surrey

George Denzill EDE, October 2013, aged 79, in Queensland
Roger Vaughan WATERS, 21st February 2013, aged 95.
Peter Lyle SHARP, 19th June 2012, aged 68, in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia.

Terence John Dominic DARLOW, 14th July 2011
Julia Claire MORRIS (née Hamilton), 28 June 2011, aged 52.
Alison DONALD (née Smith), 29 December 2010, aged 90.
Betty Emily HAMILTON (née Brand), 18th October 2010, aged 86, in West Sussex
Robert Francis HARSLETT, 3 July 2010, aged 90, in Queensland, Australia
William James FOSTER,10th May 2010, aged 91.
Muriel Vera FOSTER (née Grout), 12 February 2010, aged 87.
Rosamund PARSONS (née Hurst), 31 July 2009, aged 90.
Katheleen May (Kay) FLOYD (née Hamilton), 12 May 2009, aged 92, in Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Kathleen Violet SIDDLE (neé Paskin), 10 December 2008, aged 64, in Queensland
Joan Rosa Florence PASKIN (neé Harslett), 7 December 2008, aged 93, in Queensland
Anne Blanche Juliette GOMES (neé Boeuf), 20 September 2008, aged 99.
Eileen PARKE (née Nicholls), 19 November 2007, aged 59.
Annette Christiane VENDENGEON (née Boeuf), 28 October 2007, aged 88, in La Rochelle, France.
Winnie BUTLER (née Sole), 16 August 2007, aged 95, in Canberra, Australia.
George Michael SIDDLE, 23 July 2007, aged 69, in Queensland, Australia.
Eric JACKSON, 11 December 2006, aged 79.
Cynthia Vera Lillian FOSTER (née Robinson), 26 November 2006, aged 87, in Devonshire.
Margaret Mavis SMEDLEY (née Hamilton), 6th August 2006, aged 78, in London.
Janet Celia RAYNER (née Black), 9 April 2006, aged 86, in Andover, Hants.
Greta HEALY (née McSweeny), 2 March 2006, aged 86, In Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.
Sir Roger Albert Gartside NEVILLE, 18th October 2005, aged 73, at Possingworth, Waldron.
Sheila Macdonald TURNER (née Smith), 2 April 2005, aged 86, in Suffolk.
Jeanne Hélène PANNETIER (née Boeuf), 20 March 2004, aged 96, in France.
Zane Patrick MULGREW, 13 March 2004, aged 37, in Berkeley, NSW, Australia.
Elizabeth Ellen JONES (née Moakes), July 2003, aged 85, in Kent.
William Duty MOAKES, Feb 2003, aged 97, in Norfolk.
Olivia Anne MULGREW (née Black), 3 May 2003, aged 95, in NSW, Australia
Marguerite REMAUD (née Jaunet), 17 May 2003, aged 90, in France.
Eva Mary ROSS (née Black), 23 February 2003, aged 85, in Sublimity, Oregon, USA.
Jean Georges VENDENGEON, 19 February 2003, aged 89, in La Rochelle, France.
Hilda Eileen HAMILTON
(née Foster), 16 February 2003, aged 89, in Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex.
Leonard Thomas MOAKES, 25 November 2002, aged 84, in Norfolk.
Margaret Suzanne FOSTER, 20 September 2002, aged 54, in Salisbury,Wiltshire.
Margaret Joan GREEN (née Paskin), 16 August 2002, aged 51, in Australia.
Gladys Elizabeth OWENS (née Moakes), 31 July 2002, aged 74, in Canterbury, Kent.
Kenneth Lawrence MOAKES, June 2002, aged 53, in Sidcup, Kent.
Iain Edward KERR, 5 June 2002, aged 61, in Berkshire.
Elizabeth Vera BUNCH (née Hamilton), 2 January 2002, aged 83, in Taunton, Somerset.
Leonard Arthur SHARP, 20 May 2001, aged 90, in Southampton.
Bridget Anne YOUNG (née Hope), 17 May 2001, aged 56, in Chichester, Sussex.
Dennis Frank FLOYD, 21 April 2001, aged 83, in Worthing, Sussex.
Georgette Isabelle FLOYD (née Williams), 22 January 2001, aged 81, in Worthing, Sussex.


These are the BMDs of which I have been notified recently.

If you have any to add to this list then please E-Mail me